qualche prof di inglese mi può correggere un testo??

As regards English literature, the theme of man’s confrontation with fate is dealt by Hardy in his masterpiece “Tess of the d'Urbervilles- A pure woman”.
The plot turns on a succession of accidents and coincidences happened to a simple country girl, whose parents’ chance discovery of their descent from a once noble line, sends her to seek the assistance of a supposed relative. Thus begins a sequence of unexpected events which compromises the life of Tess: nature it isn’t only a simple setting but a real coprotagonist often indifferent to men’s suffering.
Fateful circumstances prevent Tess from finding happiness and, when she is rebelling against fate, she ends badly and is punished for her disobedience.
As the final sentence shows
“ The gods stopped to play with Tess”
Hardy wants to displays as Tess is part of a game with bad luck and fate from what she cannot escape.
The excessive use of chance and coincidence makes the story somewhat implausible, but the author’s intention is to put in evidence the absurd and cruel fate’s game in amusing itself by playing with the life of mortals. So, from Hardy’s point of view, man is an insignificant being, an insect in the hands of a malevolent universe created by a capricious force called “Immanent Will”.
“Tess of the d’Urbevilles” reflects a pessimistic vision of life ruled most by disastrous mischance which seem to conspire against any possibility of achieving happiness (this concept evokes the Greek idea of predestination):
“Happiness is but an occasional episode in a general drama of pain”